Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesday Night is Date Night with Bukes

Last night we may have had our most favorite date night yet! (although if you knew my husband you'd realize that next week will end up being the "best date night ever! No, Sal, seriously! This time I mean it!")

We have joined ScoutMob which sends out coupons for local restaurants in Atlanta. Since we've started really loving the tradition of going out to eat on Date Nights we have found great benefits of buying these coupons! Last night's was Varasano's 50% off entire meal! It was PACKED! When we got out of the car to go in the guy who opened the door asked if we had a reservation and mentioned it would probably be an hour wait . . . always a great sign for great food at a great restaurant!

We ran into Justin Runager, an old high school and USC friend, while we were waiting. He appropriately told us it was the "best pizza in Atlanta".

And it was. We love pizza. We love Mellow, we love Hearth, we love Dominos (on a pregnancy perk afternoon we once had McDonald's for lunch and then Dominos for supper - so delicious!), we love Pizza Hut. We used to really love Dijornos, but we had a Dijorno Disaster a few weeks ago that turned us off a bit.
But we now love Varasano's the best! Truly homemade and simple! One of my favorite tastes of the evening was when we sat down and read that the best way to eat the pizza was without fork and knife - to simply fold it over and eat crust to crust . . . you know, it helps enrich the already deliciousness! It also suggested only adding one topping to the pizza to not take away from the already deliciousness.

Of course the best part of the night was when they brought the bill and we only had to pay half :)
Well, actually the best part of the night was being with Bukes. When I said we loved pizza, I meant it. But when I say we really really love Date Nights, I really really mean it! Our favorite night of the week (seriously, I mean it this time)!

Although this has already been a ridiculously long post on a date night-pizza night I will now disclose the story behind "Bukes".

When Taylor and I were dating and hanging out with my sister and Tombo in Abbeville (where Tombo is from) he was giving us some Abbeville-isms. He told us that people in his high school used to call large piles of poop "Bukey". Taylor immediately turned to me and said, "Bukey . . . that sounds like a great nickname for you, Sal! Yes! Bukey, I like that!"
wow, thanks a lot, so romantic
So, from then on my name became "Bukey". I slowly started to call him "Bukey" too and it stuck. Bukey would occasionally get morphed into Bukes. When we would text each other it was easier to type "Boots" rather than "Bukes" so for a while the morphing led to "Boots" then, before I knew it, I was being lovingly called, "Old Leath" (He told me that when he thought of Boots he thought of "old leather boots" but that was too long of a nick name so he shortened it to "Old Leath").
Bukes can also be used in the form of "Bugga Bukes", "Bugga Buka", "Bugga", "Buggity Buggity Bukes", "Bukey Bear" (have you seen the Wendy's commercial where they are in the breakroom and the guy's phone rings with, "My Bukey Bear, my my my my Bukey Bear"?)
So, when we got pregnant we started calling the baby "Baby Stanfill" or "Baby Stany". My mom and Catie mentioned that we could call him/her "Baby Bukes" and of course, it stuck!
Has a nice ring to it and makes an excellent "Baby Bukes Blog" title :)

Countdown: 5 Days!

leave a comment to let me know what you think we're having :)

ps. I took the camera and everything to supper, then realized we forgot to take a picture so we decided we'd take one in the car, then forgot, so we have no picture from the best date night ever - sad


  1. I think its a boy! But I would be overwhelmed with joy if its a girl...classic win win!

  2. umm.. so i changed my mind sal. I have now been feeling like it is a BOY :) but i am not going to be surprised when you call and say it is a bootiful bukes.. hmm :) agree with Taylor - win win!

  3. So many comments to make:
    1. What was your Digiorno disaster because it really is one of my faves! Although I love our group Mellow dates too.
    2. I love that I made it into your post.
    3. And I think Baby Bukes is going to be a GIRL. And then I think you can call her Baby Buka!

  4. Yikes, I hate to say, b/c I seriously would love both the same, but my thoughts are....GIRL. :) Baby Buka for sure! haha, love it Catie. Can't wait!!

  5. i couldnt stop laughing at this post...and i'm i'm probably fired! SEE YOU IN 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!