Monday, November 12, 2012


Remember this little giveaway?
Well, I won!
And check out the goodness of this gift that was given to me?!

Tay, Daye and I had such a sweet Saturday morning in Piedmont Park having Sweet Karin photograph our lives. . . so much fun!
Is she talented or what?
She's filled with humor, INCREDIBLE GENEROSITY, and a dear soul that blesses me each time we talk. I'm so thankful we got to actually see her! I have so much respect for her and her business and her life.
She rocks!

Monday, November 5, 2012


This Halloween I was a one eyed monster

Baylor was a monkey

And Emery Jane was a pumpkin

She and Mul Mul matched


It seems like someone should help the baby over there. . .

Hey Bay, when the moms aren't looking we'll scram, okay?

Now now!

Okay, we'll take one picture where we aren't completely smushing Emery Jane

On the night of Halloween Brooks came over. Our dads carved the pumpkins, cause knives are sharp
I kinda helped

Could you guys hurry up and finish?
Guess we could just kiss real quick to pass some time

Brooks: Daye, why are you sticking your hand in the pumpkin?
Daye: Hot! Hot!

About to go on our first Trick or Treating adventure

Ey Ma, why'd you stick us in this wagon?

Hold on tight Brooks!

Here we go, first house ever!
Brooks: Come on Daye!

So what are we doing again?

Oh yeah!!!! CANDY!!!!!! 

Man I'm so glad you put us in this wagon, Ma. This trick or treating business is exhausting! 

Monday, October 8, 2012


Sunday we decided to go to the Apple Orchard.

This is the moment I sunk my teef into the most delicious apple I've ever had. 

I carefully carried it around the entire day,

and ate it to the core.

But I put it down when Daddy came around,

and when I saw some goats

Hey Daddy, whacha doin?

When you get to be this big you can carry two apples at time  

Wouldya Looka that?!

Freshly picked apples taste much better when you are sitting in a plethora of pumpkins and parents

Monday, September 24, 2012

We went to the Zoo!

have you seen the movie, We Bought a Zoo? We loved it! 
All day Saturday we said, "We're going to the Zoo" just like how the little girl says it in the movie, only she says, "We bought a zoo!"

a bird a bird oooooooooooooo

giraffes are magnificent

who the hell is that? (One time when Mama was a small child, Eecie and Bots tell the story of overhearing her in the backseat/carseat seeing her reflection in the window and exclaiming, "Who the hell is that?!")

Would ya lookat that?! (for those of you who have not noticed this caption before you MUST click on it to watch one of our favorites)

Just look at it

Warthogs . . . they're somethin' else

They even had a petting zoo. I pet this large goat here once and then decided I was actually petrified of these animals which were laying down so docile like Phelps but weren't like Phelps at all. 

Mama set me up to try and take some pictures of me wearing one of the dresses Eecie made for her when she was a little girl. She has a picture of her at 18 months wearing this dress so my mom thought it would be sentimental to get one of me around 18 months wearing it too . . . only I had all this stuff on my foot

see, this one too!

Mama can't you get it off for me?

Mama had a hard time getting me to smile, so, she did some silly things, but I still just teased her and only kinda acted like I was happy

But then she gave me some acorns and I sat real nice and still and held them in my new tiny chair from Poppy's Daddy, my Great Granddad. It's just my size. And I love it. And I love acorns. I try and say, "a-kern", when I pick them up and hold them in my hands for the rest of the day.

I know you are trying to capture my new fresh hair trim but come on Mama! I am eating AND it is still only breakfast time! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Labor day weekend

Hey girl

Right after you take this picture I'm going to weasel out of this enormous floatation device. It is ridiculously too big. 

What? No. We weren't doing anything with this rope. 

HR: Beau! Get the heck offa me!


Handley Reid does tricks

handsome handsom handsome

As Mama would say, "today I am thankful for tubing with Eecie and Peggy."