Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Date Night - Chepe's

Last Friday we had our Date Night back over in our old stomping ground, East Cobb, for the food and for the movie to follow. We used a Half-off Depot Coupon for a new Mexican Grill called Chepe's. It was surprisingly good (I am can be an exterior judge-snob and I didn't like the sign of the place so I assumed it'd be nasty). But, great guac, hot chips, classic enchiladas and a new delicious venture for Tay: Flautas! We will go back - it's nice to find a Mexican place in the "in-betweener" category. I recommend you try it out.
We went to see The King's Speech - a little late to hop on this party van, I know, but so glad we did! We loved it and wished it wasn't over at the end. I completely recommend you see this movie - I believe it's about to come out to rent. We love true stories and ones where the characters live with just that: character! (minus the older brother).
I also had received 2 free movie tickets from Fandango so, the night was amazingly affordable (there's that alliteration again). And when things are amazingly affordable, they are entirely enjoyable!
Date Night was great conversation. We are reading For Men Only and For Women Only in our Small Group, so it was an opportune time for us to really ask each other, "Is what I read this week true for you?" We're all a bunch of confusing human beings. The study has been really great so far. Almost all of us had read these books before we got married, but it's completely different to read them after having been married for a little while. And really worth it. Since I have taken the liberty to be the Resourceful Recommender in this post: Everyone should read this/these books! Such an open door to better understand and appreciate the opposite sex.

We hope to make it to our Date Night this week if Baby Bukes doesn't come before then. Last night I had the first feeling of, Something's going on inside . . . could this be the start of "it"'?
But, in all embarrassing honesty, I think my pants were just too tight and it was causing gas.
We'll see . . .
Official Countdown: (this is a big one because we're now in the single digits!)
9 Days!

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  1. Oh goodness, now I'm hungry!! Only 9 days, that is so so so exciting!!!!