Wednesday, April 6, 2011

1 Day

"1 Day" reads the official countdown! Can you believe it?

Maybe the next post will include a picture of the little :)
Still feeling amazingly well and normal. I had no idea I would still be functioning this normal at this point in pregnancy (1 day from being pregnant for 10 months aka 40 weeks)!
And although I feel as if I can function completely normal, others in my life have requested I not:
1. I have been put under house arrest by Bukes, my favorite husband. My car is in the shop so, therefore we are a one car family at this time. He does not want to be at the office when I call and say, "I think this is it!" (translated: "I'm in labor") and then me have to hop in the car to come get him. So, he takes the car to work and I stay here.
2. Since I don't have a car I might as well go on a walk to the Starbucks up the road to use my Free Birthday Drink, right? Wrong. I was instructed by Anna, my favorite PA, to NOT go on anymore walks by myself out of fear a head we weren't ready for may appear (sorry, too graphic?)
3. Since I can't go on walks by myself, I may as well clean up some mud stains from Phelps on the carpet, right? Wrong. Alice, my favorite mom, requested I not be on my hands and knees scrubbing these spots with serious carpet shampoo for fear I may go into labor.

sheesh! What can a really pregnant girl do?

I guess I can read:
my new library book, The Great Gatsby.
my new Real Simple.
For Women Only for Small Group.
some new blogs.
(sounds like way too much reading).
so, I could:
play Solitaire on my phone.
put my new pink cover on my phone that I ordered online for $3.
watch the birds come to our new bird feeder that we got this weekend.
if you live nearby and could come to me, we could eat lunch or go on a walk

Any other ideas?

I'll keep you updated on any progression! At the latest, the babe will be here in 8 days!
Dr.'s appointment tomorrow at 2:30 to check in - will let you know what they say!


  1. If I was there I would definitely come visit you for lunch. And take a walk with you so that I could be there to deliver baby bukes if the need arises. haha, just kidding.

    love you and getting so so excited!

  2. That's awesome! Very exciting! (we're reading for women only in my small group, too! you'll have to tell me what you think :) rest up, pretty mama - you'll need it xoox