Thursday, June 2, 2011

8 weeks old!

Baby Daye is 8 weeks old today!! I cannot believe it!
Already going by too fast for me :)
She's pretty precious.

Cant get enough of her toes!

And she makes a pretty mad mohawk!

She's become a little smiler!

And a giggler too! Look how much she's grown next to Girry (Giraffe)!


  1. Oh I miss her so much! Charleston, Atlanta? Lets make something happen this summer!! Love you!

  2. Ohhh myyy...I just love her smile! And those toes...I am imaging them painted pink! ;) She's adorable Sally! Can't wait for Anna Briggs to meet her!

  3. Beautiful girl with those little feet and beautiful pictures. So happy for you Sally!

  4. Love those smiles, so precious!