Saturday, August 13, 2011

Date night - Flip Burger & The Help

Last night we went on a date! It was so fun! We went to Flip Burger for the first time.


We really enjoyed:

the bacon an cheese burger
the local burger
. . .
wait for it
. . .
the Krispy Kreme milkshake - what? seriously? Yes!
And it was presented with Liquid Nitrogen to appear more freezing than anything you've ever put in your mouth - Quite over the top, but, enticing and enjoyable! We will have to go back for the Nutella Milkshake next time! The burgers were delicious and not too big (if you go, don't plan on sharing one) and the french fries were great - nothing out of the ordinary, but with a shake like that, ordinary was a good compliment! I would recommend you eat there.

Then we went to go see The Help.
We got there 30 minutes early (my own Dad would have LOVED that). The line was RIDICULOUSLY long winding down all the hallways inside. Thankfully it was playing in two theaters so we snagged a mediocre seat.
We thoroughly enjoyed it! I still liked the book a lot more, but the movie was great! There were laugh-out-loud and tearful moments. The audience concluded with a round of applause. I would recommend you go see it! Minni was my favorite!


As we drove home we shook our heads about the fact that life really was like that. How could it be? How could those living in it not have done something about it sooner?

And then the conversation veered toward our time period and the immediate needs of the world (147 million orphans; 24,000 children dying of poverty, hunger and easily preventable diseases) and Tay asked "Do you think years from now when people are looking back on our time period they will shake their heads about the fact that life really was like that? How could those (us) living in it not have done something about it sooner?

. . .

I do not have The Answers. Thankfully God does and He is the One who can handle and heal and restore the brokenness of this world. And, amazingly enough, He gives us the opportunity to be apart of it in some way(s). Here is a very limited list of resources (and if you have others close to your heart, please list them):

1. Sponsor a child

a. World Vision

b. Compassion International

c. Amazima

d. BrightPoint

2. Go on a short term mission trip

a. Young Life Africa Expeditions

b. 410 Bridge

3. Adopt or Foster a child

a. All God's Children

b. Bethany Christian Services

c. One World

just some food for thought


  1. Jealous that you have flip close to you! I wanted so badly to try it when we were in Birmingham last year but it was closed for New Years Day, I was so disappointed. And I love the end, great shout out for AGCI!!! As you know, we think they are the greatest agency on the planet ;)

  2. Sal! I saw the Help today. Loved it...lets chat about it soon. Love you. :)

  3. I just read The Help was rejected 60 times from multiple publishers. Great post!