Friday, August 5, 2011

Morning Dip in the Pool

This morning seemed like the perfect time to go take a dip in Birdie and Poppy's pool! Aunt Tindy is in town and she braved the waters at a time she could have still be in bed :) It was delightful! Daye LOVED it!

Just sticking her toes in

Now the popo

Trying out the tube

About to get dried off and so happy about it! (does anyone notice Taylor in this picture?!?)

Ahh! All warm in Mama's favorite thing: hooded towels!

P.S. we do not own swim diapers yet and thankfully did not have a messy while submerged under water - but, regular diapers were made to hold some serious liquid because that thing was SO HUGE when I pulled her out of the water . . . AND, you can't squeeze water out of them! They HOLD the water! I thought it pretty amazing!

P.P.S. if by accident a regular diaper gets thrown in the wash, you may spend a long time picking off the millions of absorbent-beads-that-make-the-diaper-HOLD-water off of all the other clothes that were in that load :)

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  1. I remember when you first got that sweet little bathing suit for your sweet girl! So fun to see her cute self in it! Looks like a fun morning :)