Thursday, November 10, 2011

Daye's days

I have a beloved blog 
I like the way she writes
because it makes sense to me
to read her posts 
when she writes like this
So, today,
I'll write a little like her

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Can you believe it?
7 & 1/2 months?!

Don't you remember
when you used to wait
sooooooooooo looooooooooong
for Christmas to come?
And then, all of the sudden,
one year it comes faster
than you expected.

And you are standing
at the front door
telling your mom
how Christmas didn't take
soooooooo looooooooong this year

And she looks at you
and says,
"You're getting older -
the older you get,
the faster time goes . . . "
and then you do get older
and older
and have a kid
and it goes EVEN FASTER

I remember hearing
the days are long
the years are short.

I love my days
with my Daye
A part of them goes
something like this:
She wakes up
then we eat
and change a diaper
and then we play.

They call it "work"
since this is what she does
at this age
when she plays she works
and she loves to work.
She crawls a lot
and just when I think
she's in a safe spot
she starts to choke
on a leaf.

Phelps tracked it in
so she coughs it up
and I scoop it out
and pick up the others
he tracked in
so she won't choke again.

She goes back to work
and I sit on the ground
because it's easier there,
to sit on the ground
than in the chair
so that when she picks up my shoe
that has dog poop on it
(thanks phelps)
I can quickly slide over
and keep her
from putting it in her mouth.
but if she does,
my dad sent me this article
on what to do
if your baby eats poop
so, we'll be ok
if she puts it in her mouth
she puts everything in her mouth.

Then she crawls over
to the diaper champ
and that thing is a champ
but it holds poopy diapers
so, we move away
Then she can crawl
over to the couch
and pull up on the couch
and reach for the channel changer
and pat her hands
and smile over at me.

Then she falls down
but we have carpet
and a rug
so she doesn't mind.
And then she crawls
to the fireplace
and pulls up on the gate
that keeps her from burrowing
in the fake coals
And then she falls down
and this time she cries
there's no carpet there
or a rug

So I scoop her up
and let her cry
and tell her I love her
and hold her close
because I know
when she realizes
that she is ok
she'll want to get down
and crawl some more.

And sometimes I wish
I could hold her a little longer
but she's growing
and exploring
and curious
and able
and I'm so thankful.
Because we're raising her
to send her off
we're raising her
to be on her own
we're raising her
to know
she's loved
she's secure
she's significant
And I get to do this
every day
and sometimes
days goes by slow
but then all the sudden
it's 7 months later
and it's not so slow

so each day that is long
I hope she's understanding
she's loved
she's secure
she's significant
so that when

the years have flown by
she'll still know that
she's loved
she's secure
she's significant

I love my days

with my Daye

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

on another note, I am looking forward to seeing this:
being elmo


  1. love this, just cried a little, but it's ok i'm pregnant and that's what happens when your pregnant. This is the sweetest post keep em coming!!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love this, SallyPants.

  3. So wonderfully said. she is so loved by you! Wonderful post!

  4. so sweet sal... such a great mama you are. good perspective! and why is daye so cute with her painted finger nails?! i want to snuggle her so much and when i finally do and she wants to get down because she's a big girl, i will look at her and say "um, daye bug, auntie needs her turn. you can work later, k? ok, great! im so glad we agreed on that" and then i'm pretty sure she will fall asleep on my shoulder. and then when she wakes up, deklan will have made her a nice dinner of blended yams and green beans and profess his love for her and im pretty sure we will all live happily ever after....? :)

  5. Sally, I absolutely love this post! So sweet!

  6. She really does look so much older in these pictures! Precious days indeed!