Monday, November 28, 2011

Meat Lover

I do love meat.
We determined that this weekend.
I'm sure my friend, Anna,
has a hard time believing this.
You see, she thinks
we only eat
veggies and rice.
Which is partly true.
We do eat those
a lot.
They are around.
And easy.
and cheap.

But, I do love meat.
I love the bad meat.
Ground beef
I love a good burger.
I love the meat lovers pizza.
Mmm, hearty, filling, protein.
But I like some good meat
and most of all
I keep asking Tay
to shoot me a deer!
Or two
or three.
I love
having venison
in the freezer.
I can make lots
with the venison
in the freezer.

A funny thing
when I was pregnant
we went to pick up
the deer he shot
last year
and when
he was walking in
to the meat processor
a place that vegetarians
may just rather die
than going there
I asked him
"Get me some jerkey"
so yes
I like beef
(and venison)

This weekend he went hunting
He saw some deer
but they were too far
or it was too dark
so none were shot

And I just keep asking him
"get me a deer, dear"
that's all I ask
so my freezer can be full
and I can pull out the venison
when its time to make chili
or lasagna
or tacos
or spaghetti
or pizza
or anything else you would normally use ground beef
You can also make BBQ
or steak
or tenderloin

but most of all
you can eat



  1. You are so right, deer jerkey is the best!!! We've switched over to turkey jerkey, the kids like it... I don't. MMMMM, venison.

  2. I just saw this post and love it with my whole heart. I do hope your dear kills a deer soon though to stock you back up!