Wednesday, November 2, 2011

picture post

Don't I look like a little lady?

I love my cuz and I love to dress like her!

This is my older and more studious cuz, Beau

Handley Reid and I swung together in our pumpkin dresses

These are my mom's favorite series of pictures ever . . . I am having quite an exciting time, if you can't tell!

Oh boy, this is great!

Ah-hehehe! I LOVE this!

All of us missing our Daddy's and hubbys in Africa!

Mama, what are you doing with that camera?

My parents like to dress me up, but I think I like it too!

Fun at the library with my buddy, Brooks (aka Monkey of the southeast). Sometimes I get a little aggressive when I'm around him!

Aunt Hal took some more pictures a few weeks ago. Isn't she talented?

I am giddy about life! A wonderful trait I get from my Daddy!

If my aunt Sifter and aunt Becca saw how much orange I was wearing in this picture, she may never speak to me again. 

Daddy had to yell to Mama the other night, "Sal, hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Come quick!"

But there was no need for her to hurry because after I pulled right up, I just stood there . . .

and stood there. . . (and Mama told some people I looked like I was about to do a bank heist dressed in my all black turtleneck and tights. . . I'm not quite sure what a heist is)

And isn't this furry little friend so stinkin cute?!

I decided to just rock the headband because that little hat was too small. I'm what you call a gangsta lady

My cuz the cow and the older and more studious spidy

Here I am again . . .

just thinkin it's so fun to stand here . . . 

and stand here . . .

and stand here with a hat!


  1. SAL!!!!!! Daye is pulling herself up and standing?!?!??! Oh my goodness!!!! These pics are so awesome and they make me so happy. I can't wait to see you and your little darling again soon :) Also, I just have to say when I saw the pics of her in all black, I didn't think of a bank robber....I thought of Audrey Hepburn:) Your daughter is so chic! haha. Love you friend.

  2. These are awesome pictures! Oh my goodness that ladybug costume is cracking me up! I love how poofy it is! Your hair cut looks so good. It makes me think of you in 8th grade... is that weird? hahaa, I think it's awesome you look so young. You get that from your pretty mom!

  3. oh man oh man! I LOVE her! Even orange, crazy eh? Its because I trust the stephens side will make sure that only happens around halloween. LOVE YOU!

  4. This be Tay...I can't help but laugh out loud at all of these pictures. She is hilarious. I love the swinging pics because it looks like she's yelling. Also, Sal's not kidding...I came around the corner and there she was just chilling and smiling holding on to the crib. I yelled for Sal. I had to lower the crib that night which got me frustrated. Love this!

  5. I love those pom-poms in her room! I totally wanted to do that in Bette's room but thought it might not work on hot summer nights with the fan on. I am totally regretting it now!

  6. These pictures make me smile!! So sweet!!