Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello Again

What do you say we just do a recap with some pictures of the last 3 weeks. After spending countless hours on the phone with Apple support and sending it off to receive a new hard drive, our computer is officially back and running great. Although we are missing quite a lot of stuff, we'll survive and it's really nice to start fresh :)

Man Aunt Hands, it's bright out here . . . is Daddy wearing a Santa shirt in the background?

There's Uncle Tbo, Aunt Sifter, Cuz Handley Reid, Beau (is he picking his nose?), Eesie, Bots, Daddy and Mama. And there's me, the tiniest peanut

Although Handley Reid looks a little bored I am so glad to be with "the girls!"

Aunt Al came for a visit to the tacky Christmas Party

Zach showed up in something my great grandmother may have worn. And Aunt Almand (who's carrying my future pal) 
Mama loves these girls

Cousin Christmas Cookie Day!

Aunt Anne and I had matching aprons for Cousin Christmas Cookies

I even got to try my first sugar cookie . . . it was interesting

Wright Family Christmas gathering - stocking stuffers make my parents laugh! If you look closely there are mustaches on the fingertips

Aunt Anne made Handley Reid and me matching Christmas Dresses with tiny mice in Santa hats

Santa brought me some tiny Toms

Oh Boy oh Boy! Christmas morning was so fun! I got a jumping bean!

I got to watch Michael Bubbles (As Bots calls him) on TV singing a Christmas melody

Daddy always makes me laugh. Turns out what Dr. James Dobson said in Bringing up Girls is true. My mom witnesses it every day . . . it's different when Daddy walks in the room. 

Mama had to add some silicon to the crib because she caught me chipping off the paint when I chew on the railing . . . this stuff's alright, but I miss the painted wood in my mouth

Sometimes I just like to sit and look at the fire on a cozy Christmas morning . . . it's delightful

I also like to eat read my Bible

It's Tindy time!!!

Uncle Buzz, Aunt Tindy, Aunt Heather and Daddy eating Christmas lunch at Birdie and Poppy's house

Us girls love Aunt Kerri and Norah sure is sweet to me!

See, look how sweetly Norah looks over at me . . . and Cuz Isaac, he's so great with those Decepticon things

One of my favorite toys is Birdies old rattle from when she was a little girl. . . it feels so good on my teef (of which I now have 5! makes for a lot of drooling - or so my mom says)

Aunt Kerri got an afro pic. Although it's not for her, it's for my future cuz!!! Hey, has my mom told you about that yet? Oh man! She's going to have to do a whole post on my future cuz!  
Just playing with my new Christmas toys at the beach on New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year!


One of the funniest moments at the beach . . . 

St. Patrick Beau having a laughing attack with Bots

Bots would scare Beau to death by blowing this thing

An afternoon on the sand

I'm still not too sure about the sand . . . but next time Mama will force me to like it because she loves the beach so much and will be so sad if I don't I'm sure I'll like it 
Handley Reid likes it
She really really likes it

Beau always likes to race. Aunt Sifter's hair is somethin else!

Ok guys, come on, this is getting boring

You put me down here again?!? Remember, I don't really like the sand yet!

A feather and a sandsnack

Thanks for picking me up Aunt Peggy. Man! What a beautiful day!


  1. i just love every single picture...yall are the cutest!

  2. Love the pics Sal! And I can't wait to show Zach that he made it on your blog! :) Love you!!!

  3. How fun! It looks like you had a great Christmas and she is getting so big!