Thursday, February 9, 2012

another computer glitch

(this is me talking randomly with random photos interspersed that may or may not have anything to do with what I'm rambling about and some of them may have captions and some may not. How's that for a confusing post. But, now you know:)

well, not really a glitch

just a little period where the battery wouldn't charge.

Thanks to this girl

who was caught once sucking on the end of the cord

the part that goes into the computer
"What? Who? Me? No, Mama, I didn't do anything"

thankfully she wasn't electrocuted
"MMMMMM I love putting things in my mouth"


so it sat in rice for a few days
and dried out
and then would keep the computer functioning while plugged in
but never charge it
and so yesterday
it finally just shut off.
today we got a new cord.
Crazy, right?
That just yesterday the cord stopped working
and just today I can put in the new one.
Crazy that we live in a place
where replacing things 
is as easy as jumping in the car.
"Hey Mama. I'm just ridin' back here, but makin' sure you're still up there."

and driving to the mall
and getting a new one.

Would have been even easier
to just order online.

we needed it faster.

So we went and got it immediately.

Pretty crazy,

this place we live.
So different
than Africa.

Did you know I love Africa?

Some of my friends,
from Africa,
came to visit last weekend

Taylor talked me into
wearing our African attire
that the Liberians gave us
our last night with them
in 2009.

I hesitated
I was embarrassed
I was concerned
with what people would think
about me.
I care,
what people think.
But, Tay,
was concerned too.
Only he was concerned in a good way,
My Bukes, he is brave.
He was concerned 
about showing our friends
that we love these clothes
that we appreciate
this amazing gift
that they used their own money
to purchase
and give to us
in a special, Liberian-ceremonial-way
as a "thank you" 
for coming
to their country.
So I put it on
and I thanked God for my Tay.
For being more concerned with others
to wear our gifts
with pride
and thanksgiving.

Zinnah came from Monrovia, Liberia

Mama Irene came from Dar, Tanzania

Papa Deo did too

Alexis came from Arusha, Tanzania

And there were many others

from Zimbabwe,
from the Congo,
from Kenya.
I hadn't met them before
but, Oh! 
They embraced me as if I had
There is so much 
I want to say
about these people.
So much they have taught me,
so much.
I'm not feeling like I have the right words.
Except that saying, 
you've probably heard before,
I'm just telling you
it's true.

We need Africa
more than Africa needs us


  1. i love this so much.
    the beginning of course i love, because i always wanna see my baby daye.
    the end i love because of sweet tay and how much you dearly love africa. brought a few tears to my eyes.
    i love you so much my salla!

    1. i love you too my holla and i love that you also love africa and the other "africas" of your heart :)

  2. I appreciate your randomness, and your love for Africa, and your love for Ellen.

    1. ummm yes, rosie and sophia grace yesterday . . . A.MAZ.ING

  3. This makes perfect perfect beautiful sense to me. Thanks for sharing Sally! Richard and I aren't concerned about two things, 1: Daye will have parents with beautiful hearts. 2. That Daye will have enough gorgeous hair, : )

    1. You are such an encourager. And you made me laugh when I read your last sentence! :)

  4. MAMA IRENE, PAPA DEO, ALEXIS I cant believe I missed hugs from them! And YOU!

    1. they missed you too beccs! so did i:) the original lover of africa!

  5. Thanks for sharing your heart Sally. I needed this...

  6. Oh Sally!!! She is so cute!!! She looks just like you too!!!Hope you guys are well:) Love u Lizzie Kane