Friday, June 29, 2012

since we've been gone

(in Daye's voice)

While Mama and Daddy were in Chicago I documented my time with Eecie and Bots. Eecie was my recorder. She did a mighty fine job. 

Sunday June 24
Night, night Mama and Daddy, Eecie didn't get to take another picture  of me tonight, so, just imagine my great smile with my chicklet teeth grinning at y'all. Anyhow, E & B had so much fun with me today. I had a good breakfast and then we got ready for church. While E was getting ready, I was having so much fun playing in their bathroom turning on the water and pulling off the TP roll and throwing things down as fast as I could. At one point E said,"Lord, help us!" and rolled her eyes. Bots picked me up & put me in the car & E came out in a hurry and looked at me n the car seat & i grinned real big at her and she giggled. I think I know why she said that in the bathroom. You should have seen her hairdo, it was kinda off to 1 side, (really funny!). She fixed it in the car on the way to Boat Church . Bots kept looking back at me and grinning at me while E was driving. We had fun playing on the way. Then, at Boat Church, I met miss Sandy & mr Billy. They have a cute dog. I really liked him a lot more than them;) when we got home, I had a lot of cantaloupe and a grilled cheese. E said I was "just shoveling it in, look, Bots. " he & I shared another laugh about that. Then, I took a good nap. Later we played n the theatre & I lifted some weights. Then, I had a bath & E & B's Small Group came over. I met them too. I always try to give new people a big smile, because, Boy! are they ever smiling when they meet me, gee whillikers. Then, E sang me some songs, (her voice isn't that bad, Mama;) I let her hold me real close and she told me I was her pal. It made me feel special and so I rested my head on her shoulder. Sometimes today I think I made E feel real good when I would reach out for her. Well, I'm tired now & I have my Lovie in my mouth, so, I'm going night, night. Y'all have lots of fun & tell Birdie & Poppy I said "Hi." love u mama & daddy, u r my faves;)

Monday June 25
Hi mama & daddy!
Hope u got my pix this morning. Eecie thought they were cute! They had a lot of fun with me again, today. I ate lots of cantaloupe for breakfast and then went to Jazz with E. she loves jazz, did u know that? Sheesh! You should see her go! I was pretty serious while I was there but, E's friends were friendly to me. Then, we came home & played & I took a 3 hr nap. Jazzin' is tiring. This afternoon We went swimming with Miss Denise & Miss Laurie & their grandboys. I was the only girl & I gave them lots of attention . They liked it & I ate goldfish the WHOLE time. It was great. When we got home E & I practiced the face that fish make . I've gotten real good at it.  Then, I ate a good supper & read some books , said some prayers & went to bed. Didn't go to sleep, though, because I pooped & E had to come change by diaper. She brought me out to the den & I entertained B a little while & showed him the fish face. E & B seem like they really enjoy having me here. It's fun for them, I can tell. Hey, I liked the pix of you & Daddy! And I love your robe, E doesn't have one here for me, yet. Have the most fun & can't wait to see you. You two are really wonderful! 
Love you,
Baby Daye Stanfill:):)

Tuesday, June 26
Hi M & D,
E & B had a great day with me today. I was very very busy climbing stairs and wanting to go down them like an adult. I knew better & would give E one if my grins  when I would start to try this. But, she's pretty quick & would put a stop to it right away! I of course ate lots of food & and as soon as I was full, I would start dropping food in the floor. E knew this game , so, I didn't get to throw as much as I wanted to. But, I tried my best to stand up n my seat (just to see if she was still on top of her game), & she got kinda nervous . It's been fun keeping her on her toes. One time I heard her say to Bots, "whew", whatever that means.  She & I took a road trip to Greenwood this afternoon. To see the Cuzs . They were very happy to see me. HR kept saying, "Dayee, Dayee!" She acts like she really likes me, but, I don't think she like me playing with her stuff. She's got a cool kitchen! Put the word to E, & maybe she will get me one too someday;). We went to get Pizza (what else!) for supper. I ate 3 pieces, it was deLISHush!!!! Aunt Joby & I have that in common. She got a promotion at work, & so we were celebrating! Then, we came home & played in their new back yard. Beau can really hit a baseball. He's my older cousin kinda hero of a guy. E played some good music in the car & Beau rode with us to Pizza & we danced & sang to the music while E was driving don't worry, it was perfectly safe?!?!?!?! I was singing & having the best time & Beau was kinda dancing in his car seat, so fun. It's been a good day! Hope you & Daddy are still having a great time. Sure do love you. U r  so fine;);)

Wednesday June 27

Dear M & D,
So glad u got home safely. I am sleeping now, so, told E what to say before I hit the sack. It's been a busy 24 hrs with our road trip to Greenwood. Had a great time with Beau & HR. Aunt Joby & E & HR & I went on a stroll this morn. Then to the "Country Club" to swim. I had so much fun & will just walk right into the pool now that I am getting so big. E was so thankful I had  on a floatie ,because I would grin at her & go right in! "Shrew" she said a few times.  Beau is becoming quite the swimmer & HR is great with her Swimmies. We all got pretty tired & headed home & E & me packed up to come back to MC to see Bots. I wave every time I say his name, isn't that what u taught me to do? Anyhow, E & B giggle every time I do it, so, I just keep on:):). It's been a great few days. I've learned a lot, like the alphabet & how to count in English & Spanish. How to set the table, how to dance all the time whenever music is playing. And, B has taught me how to use the iPad & to do an instagram & how to use the mote. I'm bigger now too, you'll be amazed how much I've grown. E has just about worn me out! I need to come home to get some rest! I will see you about 9:00 in the morn.
I luv u & Daddy, y'all are the best & I can't wait for u to hug me. It will feel so good:):):)

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