Monday, November 5, 2012


This Halloween I was a one eyed monster

Baylor was a monkey

And Emery Jane was a pumpkin

She and Mul Mul matched


It seems like someone should help the baby over there. . .

Hey Bay, when the moms aren't looking we'll scram, okay?

Now now!

Okay, we'll take one picture where we aren't completely smushing Emery Jane

On the night of Halloween Brooks came over. Our dads carved the pumpkins, cause knives are sharp
I kinda helped

Could you guys hurry up and finish?
Guess we could just kiss real quick to pass some time

Brooks: Daye, why are you sticking your hand in the pumpkin?
Daye: Hot! Hot!

About to go on our first Trick or Treating adventure

Ey Ma, why'd you stick us in this wagon?

Hold on tight Brooks!

Here we go, first house ever!
Brooks: Come on Daye!

So what are we doing again?

Oh yeah!!!! CANDY!!!!!! 

Man I'm so glad you put us in this wagon, Ma. This trick or treating business is exhausting! 

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