Thursday, October 28, 2010

Date Night

Tay and I had a great Date Night last night. We went to Cracker Barrel. One of the perks of pregnancy is that when something delicious to eat is mentioned and my eyes open wide, Tay's kind of a sucker to just go ahead and make new plans.
We were debating going out because in all honesty, we've definitely reached the limit of negative dining dollars for the month (again, due to the pregnancy perk) but when he (see, he's the one putting these delicious ideas in my head) mentioned Cracker Barrel and I thought about the corn bread, we looked up the closest one and went.
Truth: the atmosphere and cozy feel of the night was better than the food. But we loved it!
We're pretty excited about fall and the holidays coming up! How can you not get into the "spirit of the season" when you walk into Cracker Barrel?!
Love it! Love Date Nights! Love my Bukes!

so this isn't from Date Night but how handsome is he?

ps. maybe next post will be the story behind "Bukes"

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