Wednesday, October 27, 2010

here we go

So I decided to start a blog. I've always loved to write; an avid journal-er, but I liked it being "my pages" where really only God could read. Taylor told me to start a blog a while ago - he told me he'd read it :). But I was hesitant because I liked the privacy I had already with my journaling .
A few weeks ago I found out a friend from college had a baby, she's a photographer and has a hilarious blog about her life and her photo shoots. I found myself thinking, 'I love hearing about her pregnancy and now getting to see sweet Brody (her baby boy) continue to grow. . . man, I'm going to have to shape up when ours comes! I never take pictures anymore. Hmm, what if I started a blog with the inspiration of Baby Bukes?' So, she changed my view on blogs! She made me appreciate the uniqueness of each person's and gave me a little motivation that I can do whatever I want on my own blog. Not to mention Anna's blog, Catie's blog, Tindy's blog and Erin's (whom all live out of town so I love getting snippets of things I miss in their lives), Heath's blog and Linds just started one, Hal just started one - the inspiration is all over the place!
I don't have to write a journal entry if I don't want to! I can just send a little update on what's going on, post a picture of Baby Bukes, tell a story about something that made me laugh, etc. There is FREEDOM here and I'm excited about it!
So, no pressure, no expectations - just an outlet for me to make sure I capture this sweet time of preparing for a babe - not just a babe, OUR babe! wow . . .
Hopefully there will be entries about just the two of us (I guess you could say three: tay, phelps, me) until our world is completely turned upside down by "BABY BUKES" sometime near April 7 :)
In all honesty, I can't wait!
Thank you Jesus for this blessing of getting to step into deeper intimacy with you. You've given me just a taste of the miracle of this experience. We now get a tid bit more understanding of how you love us - your children . . . beautiful!

For your first glimpse of pictures to come:)

Baby Bukes @ 3 months

Baby Bukes @ 4 months (embarassing - I held up a #2 because it was the 2nd picture I've taken . . . but I should have held up a #4 for how many months! I'll learn for next time!
5 Months = Nov. 16 = find out if Baby Bukes is Baby Boy Bukes or Baby Beautiful Bukes!)


  1. I love you! So excited to read all about Baby Bukes! :)

  2. Mmmmm I may have just teared up a little. So excited about Baby Bukes' blog!!