Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I've been doing a lot of thinking about Baby Bukes. Truly, this weekend of seeing Handley Reid and her parents in the hospital has mesmerized Taylor and me. . . it just can't seem to sink in what it's actually going to be like to hold our baby.
We felt like we were both in somewhat of a haze as we tried to take it all in. But like many things in life, nothing can fully prepare you for something until you go through it.
My aunt Peggy (mother of the namesake, Handley) asked me how Sunday was. She said, "Did you get nervous holding Handley Reid--knowing there is a baby inside of you!!?? My sister Ginny will never forget the look on my face when I went to visit her in the hospital when Daniel was born...knowing my baby was due about 5 weeks later...Deer in the headlights!"
I think it might be safe to say that Taylor and I both were a deer in the headlights on Sunday. It was different this time - different than when Isaac and Norah were born.
Different than when Beau was born.

Different, because, YES, there is a baby inside of me!!! Different because I'm going to give birth to him/her. Different because we won't just be visiting a new family member of a sibling. Different because when we leave the hospital, we'll be taking that tiny person HOME with us. We will be holding our own child . . .

still can't seem to take it in

but I can't wait

Countdown: 7 Days!

p.s. Taylor is going to be the best Dad - a thought that sometimes brings tender tears to my eyes

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