Monday, November 1, 2010


This weekend Taylor and I went to a wedding at Chateau Elan in Braselton, GA for Brett and Christine Connor. We drove up early Saturday morning and spent the day outside walking around the "nature trail" and having a delicious lunch. We caught the USC and UGA games with some lazy naps in between before we headed to the ceremony.
We had a great evening with dear friends, Matt and Melissa Tinknell and Anthony and Ashley (soon to be) McEver. Taylor lived with Matt and Anthony his sophomore year of college in the Sig Ep house - they are ultimate "frat bros for life".

Sunday we took our time getting home with a stop at Bass Pro Shops for the Bukes . . . truly a giddy little boy!
The weekend was refreshing, rejuvenating, bonding and a reminder of just how important taking a getaway with your spouse is - even when you don't have kids yet :). I love this man!

Halloween was quite low key. We had officially ZERO trick or treaters and we were even at a real house, not our basement. It made me sad to say the least: I had a dream that we had so many trick or treaters we ran out of candy. . . I mean seriously, it's not that big of a deal - I don't know why I wanted to have them so bad!
Maybe because little people dressed in costumes is the most precious thing in the world? I agree with Jobeth when she said last year, "I think there should be more required days during the year that kids dress in full costume."
So - in that case I'll leave you 2 years worth of my nephew, Beau, dressed up for halloween:
Year 1 - Dragon
Year 2 - Hamburger

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