Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fun Ideas

So, my super, fun, creative friend, Aubs, has moved to CA and is working with an Interior Design Business.
Aubs and her hubby Lockwood

We were talking the other day and she gave me a few blogs to check out for ideas about nurseries - since, you know, I'll be having a baby soon! She's offered to make a special visit before s/he arrives to help me cost effectively create a nook nursery! Here is one of the ideas we both really liked! I do realize this is gender specific to a girl (did I mention I have a strange feeling we are having a girl?), so, there will be more boy ideas to come. But, just had to post this one because it got me REALLY excited about the reality that SOON there will be a BABY to put down to sleep!
The ceiling puffs are what got my heart! I LOVE them! And, she said she could totally help pull that off - easily! I also love the stool and rocking chair patterns - Getting excited about the thought of mixing up the details while keeping the majority of the room plain and simple (because when you have mostly plain and simple, how can you not throw in ceiling puffs to add some AWESOMENESS!)

We find out SO soon! November 16th! Let's do a countdown:

Only 13 days left!

AND, my sister is due with her Baby girl, Handley Reid Hite, on Sunday - so, we're expecting a call at anytime now! I'll keep you updated.

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