Monday, November 22, 2010

Great Weekend!

This weekend Dave and Kate got married! It was filled with family and Grannies and it was a BLAST!

Friday night at the Rehearsal Dinner

Handley Reid Hite with her namesake Handley Wright Underwood

On Saturday Morning we celebrated Daddy. He's been with Federated for 25 years! He was honored last week at the company for his years of service - he was honored on Saturday by his children for his character and integrity - quite a man! We are so proud of him!

Then my roommates came in town and we hung out for the day until it was time for the Wedding!

Baby bump at MONTH 5! It was so fun getting ready with girls in a big bathroom before a "formal" event! We have MISSED each other!

For some reason we started taking pictures like this during rush 1 year - I can imagine it was probably because it expressed what we were feeling during those long torturous days :)

Me, Becca, Holland and Anna

Kate and Dave!
Two of the sweetest people I know

And this picture melted my heart. Taylor hanging out with Anna Beth Wright (youngest of my cousin, George). A preview of what's to come :)

Taylor and I went to bed talking about what an awesome weekend it was! We love our family and we love our friends - truly blessed! Makes going to bed Sunday night harder because the weekend has come to a close.
But so fun to get to have great weekends like that!!

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