Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Cards!

Shutterfly is doing this great promotion for Christmas Cards this year! You can get 50 free by making a blog post and helping them promote their deal!
Taylor and I are going to use a picture from this summer's trip to Africa. Our friend, Drew took the picture and after he did he melancholically said to us, "Man, I want a picture like that with my wife..."
If only Phelpsy were in it. This will be our last Christmas Card with out Baby Bukes! Hard to believe. But, great news is, we now know that I was actually pregnant during this shot! Baby Bukes - quite the adventure traveler!

I like using Shutterfly because of the following three tools they help you create:

We are still deciding which layout best suits our picture and the little something I want to write on it.

I want to put the few options and ask your opinion, but that would take away the fun of you already knowing what you'll receive in the mail in a few short weeks!

If you want to get this great promotion, just click here! You'll fill out a form online and then receive an email a few days later with instructions on how to get your 50 cards FREE!

Hope this helps your Holiday Budget and you have fun creating your own Christmas Card! Cannot wait to get it in the mail!
Just in case you can't put your finger on it:):) our address is:

Taylor, Sally, Phelps and Baby Bukes Stanfill
6535 Bridgewood Valley Road
Atlanta, GA 30328

(My insert of the address was mostly a joke, but I actually would really LOVE to get YOUR Christmas Card, this year! :)

Bukes and I are pulling out the decorations tonight for DATE NIGHT!


P.S. here are some fun pictures from our Baby Reveal Party with Small Group last Tuesday :) Each person wore what color they thought Baby Bukes was. Then we unzipped our jackets to reveal what color WE were wearing . . .
(yes I realize the amazing face going on here . . . just couldn't contain my excitement!)

Here are all the folks who guessed it right!
We love our friends! Your idea to have this party and followed-through-participation made it SO fun for us! THANK YOU!

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  1. O my goodness so much to say, i didn't even know you had a blog, so i just spent some quality time reading every post. Love it.. also i love the idea of your baby reveal party, what a cute idea! And i sent your Christmas card to the wrong address...whoops, i'll put another one in the mail today :) Merry Christmas!