Sunday, January 23, 2011

Date Night

Tay and I had our Date Night on Thursday this week. We had received a gift card to the restaurant 4th and Swift. We had both never heard of it, it's near Inman Park and the Old 4th Ward. It was DELICIOUS! It was on the nicer side for something we would typically do for our weekly Date Night, but with the gift card, we were really able to enjoy it. The food reminded us slightly of a JCT Kitchen feel (which is one of our favorites) and the atmosphere was exposed brick walls (which we love) and an urban side of town feel. We had a delicatessen meal splitting 2 appetizers and 1 entree. We ordered their Greens (how can something so simple be savory each bite?), Lamb Tenderloin (and let me tell you it was tender) and the Vegetable Root Cannelloni (pasta made fresh in kitchen).
We had a goal to stay within the limit of the gift card which was quite unfortunate because I'm sure the dessert was to die for . . . next time :)
I sure do love Date Night with Bukes! We know we'll have to modify our weekly routine when Baby Bukes arrives, and our dates may not be every week, but I hope we are able to maintain at least a 1/month Date Night come April. Babysitter anyone?

Official Countdown:
74 Days!


  1. We'll totally babysit, and that restaurant sounds divine!

  2. You guys are way better at dates than we are... DEFINITELY KEEP THEM UP, even if you have to beg people on the streets to watch your baby!! Or just let me know if you need me to fly down and baby-sit one night...