Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trust your Eyes . . . Who gives you your sight?

Last night at Small Group the "desire for God to illuminate the right answer to decisions in life" was unanimously shared. As I've continued to think on our discussion, I realize it is not just our Small Group. For some, this is a request pertaining to Whether or Not to attend Grad School, for others it is Which School To Attend, for others it is Do I Take This Job, Is He the Right One, Am I called Here or Abroad, How do We best Love our Children, etc?
Our friend, John Neal, is the nephew of the President of the Virginia Pilot's Association. This means he is head of the organization that drives/guides massive container ships, Navy ships, and Cruise Liners into the port of Norfolk. He had a response to our desire for a "beam" of light to show us the "right" answer....
As a ship pilot we train our apprentices to trust their eyesight… the middle of the night they want to turn the search light on and if they point it the right direction, they do see things but they miss a lot in the process….what happens is the bright beam of light reflects off the ship and the windows, blinding your eyes….then all of a sudden, your pupils narrow and when the light is turned off, you don’t see anything…’re in darkness and really can’t make out where you are. When the apprentices trust the master pilot, they hear from the pilot to trust your eyes….allowing their eyes to adjust to the dark and you will be amazed at what you can see. All of a sudden silhouettes show up on the horizon and different forms are contrasted to the shapes of buoys and boats and then other vessels become evident and in time quite clear…..whatever little light is in the sky somehow illuminates everything around you so you can see with clarity….it really is amazing.

Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you everyday and you will be amazed at what you will see.

those words are so powerful, that I hesistate to do the following, but I must keep up the tradition:
Official Countdown:
78 Days

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