Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Life is full

It's been a while - so much has taken place over the last few weeks. I am thankful. A while back when emailing with my friend, Laurin, and talking about the "business" of life she spoke powerful words to me that she had learned. We are so quick to talk about how busy life is, rushing from here, meeting with them, traveling there, shopping for her, cooking for him, studying for that, etc. The lesson was really about perspective - it's all in how you look at it - so rather than complaining (or sometimes boasting) about the "business" of life, why not explain it in a way that describes the actual truth: my life is full! It is full of the blessing of being able to go here, meet with them, travel there, shop for her, cook for him, study for that. Look at all of those things we get to do and have apart of our daily life!
So, after meditating on this new perspective and living in the joy it can help bring, I can say with confidence and a grateful heart, my life has been FULL since my last post. Thank you Jesus!

Here's a recap of the fullness!

Christmas 2010
Great time in Atlanta mostly spent with Tay's family and a White Christmas! Sadly, the White Christmas kept us from traveling to SC to be with my family on Christmas day and the 26th, so, needless to say, there was quite a bit of sadness and Christmas Blues in my heart surrounding that change of plans.
Here is a picture of Norah, my niece, on Christmas day in her precious little self and a skirt that Aunt Tindy sewed for her!

4 Year Anniversary/Babymoon
Bukes and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on New Year's Eve! We decided to take an anniversary trip and combine it with a Babymoon as our last trip just the two of us before she arrives. Although, it was also the first trip just the two of us for longer than a weekend since we've been married! We went to Hilton Head, SC and had a fabulous time! Great weather, great walks on the beach, great food, great books, great relaxing and rejuvenating and reconnecting. I love my husband! I truly was sad on the last day when I woke up - did not want it to end!
We celebrated the New Year in serious party mode: Yes, this is us in our room at 10:30pm (Tay already in his pj's, me waiting with anticipation - not for the new year, but for this picture to be completed so I can get in my pj's too). He did have to wake me up at midnight to tell me it had officially become 2011. Yet another year where he rings in the new year alone as I sleep :)

I thought several different times over the break how I needed to do a 100 day post, but, didn't get to it :) So, today's special tribute, January 5th, marks
92 days
until Baby Bukes arrives! wow oh wow oh wow!!! She's just a movin! Having Mary and Deklan stay with us for the past few days was a special treat to see the reality of what its going to be like having a little one in our little place every day :)
"It'll be cozy, it'll be tight, but oh what a joy to have her here every night!"

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  1. Bahaha love the "waiting in anticipation of putting my pjs on"!