Friday, January 7, 2011

Third Trimester

Today marks the start of my third trimester! Holy Cow!
She is the size of a cauliflower (or so they say :) and is opening her eyes as well as gaining some fat on her little body.
It's all such a miracle. It's already been one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced . . . and she's not even here yet.
Only the month of January, the month of February and the month of March left. We don't really get the month of April, because she'll be here (hopefully) right at the start!
We've taken a break on the discussion of names - just breathing for a while as we stop trying to decide. Wondering if we may even wait to officially decide until she's born and we see her.
We've not made any more movements forward with the nursery (although, sweet Aubs is working behind the scenes to help guide when decision time arises) except this dresser/changing table purchase at an antique store up near my parents. My cousin, Brooke, and Aunt Peggy are great shoppers in antique and thrift stores. They are the ones that spotted it. Not sure if I'll leave it this color (distressed soft soft green) or paint it a distressed white.

Still planning on the ceiling puffs! Thinking we'll do all white rather than the mixed colors. Having to be strategic on my colors since her nursery nook is basically in my den. Maybe we'll have a ceiling puff party to make them. Want to come?

And, I'm going to use this rocker from my classroom when I taught school. It has a bit of pink in the distressed painting, we may leave that or, again, touch it up to be mostly distressed white. I don't have a picture of just the rocker so, here is Hannah who was in my 1st grade class, and Sam's grandfather on Mystery Reader Day.

Official Countdown:
90 Days!


  1. Happy Turnover Day sweet friend :) wow, third trimester.. time flies!! sweet baby girl will be here SO SOON!!! Love you. give little sir phelps a belly rub for me :) and little baby bukes too :)

  2. I love those ceiling puffs.... SO cute!!!! I want to come help make them!

    Love you, Sal, and cannot wait to meet precious baby girl Stanny!!

  3. Sally, count me in for some ceiling puff creating! Those look so adorable =)