Friday, January 14, 2011

Month 7!

Hard to believe! Went to the Dr. today and all looks/sounds good. Did the glucose test (and had blood drawn for a few others), will not be notified as long as results come back good :).

You can see the boxes in the background - during cabin-fever-snow-week I cleaned out the closet that will be Baby Bukes' and moved some things around for her nook. I also got permission from Joyce (our landlord that we live below) to paint the walls! Not sure what color yet, Aubs is sending me some high priority documents this week to help navigate next steps! Also, ordered the crib and it should be here this weekend! So excited!

Thought it might be fun to take a look back month by month :)

month 3:
month 4:

month 5:

month 6:

month 7:

Official Countdown:
83 Days!

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  1. Sally you are the cutest pregnant lady ever! can't wait to see the nursery, i know it will be adorable!