Monday, March 21, 2011

The Teens!

We are now in the teens countdown before the big day. I went to the Dr. last Friday and there was no report on any action thus far. The Dr. told me to not read into any status update they give me in the coming visits: basically, this baby is going to come when she wants to. So, if there has been action within the last week, I should not assume she is about to arrive, however, if there is no change, I should also not assume that she is going to be late. . . (however, I'm still preparing myself that she will be!)

Headed to the Dr. again in 1 hour!

I want to do a tribute to the Phelpsinator since his whole world is about to be turned upside down when his baby sister arrives :). He is my sweet sweet pal and I love him SO much! Someone told me yesterday in talking about adding another child to your family (and they were actually talking about human beings - not dogs, but I thought it applied to our situation here:), "It's not that you have to divide and apply the love you already have among new and old family members, God gives you a new supply of love to cover your spouse, your first born, your second born, and so on. You don't have to "come up with it"; He blesses you with more." I love this image - our ultimate Provider, knowing just how to care for the needs of his children.
So, although Phelps is a dog, he is one of my greatest blessings and has been like a child to me!

Phelps, this is for you!

You were so cute and tiny!

You obey (sometimes)

You love to be near us

You actually have been nicknamed, "Smiles" by lots of people :)

You like to be rugged with Daddy

You are stately

You are incredibly fast and my walking buddy

You get all tangled up when you nap (and you love to protect your chicken)

You are pals with other dogs (whether they are on TV or by your side)

You are a rascal!

You share one of my life's greatest passions: sleeping!

You have mad ups!

You are a star student!

You are our little buddy and we love you!

I must admit I've caught myself say to you more times than one, "You are my best friend."
I am so glad you are apart of our family!

Official Countdown:
13 Days!


  1. Phelps,

    The message your mom posted about you was real nice. It's pretty cool how much our moms (and dads) love us. I have heard about this new little baby sister you're getting (from what I hear, a baby is like a puppy but with only two legs...) and I just wanted you to know that I'd like to hang out anytime you need to get away from the new one. I like to be a rascal too. see you soon phelps.

  2. This is Tay...There is no other dog quite like Phelps!

  3. this might be one of my favorite posts! oh sweet phelps :) you are such a sweet mom to phelpsy...i can only imagine how wonderful a mother you are going to be to your sweet girl sally.. wahoo to 13 days!

  4. Love it! So precious =) He will be a great "big brother"