Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nursery Nook!

So, it is still not officially complete, but it has made tremendous progress!!!
I will try to give a snapshot of the progression. . .

Below is how the room started out

Sweet Bukes put together the crib at 10 at night, I was so excited!

Then Sweet Mama came and helped sew the dust ruffle (we bought the only one they had left which was intended for a twin bed). So, she whipped out her sewing skills and tada!

I finally packed up the closet (over to the right) to clear space for her things!

Here the walls have been painted and I am trying to get a visual for what the curtains will look like once they are hung

2 Curtain panels have been hung (the end result has 4) thanks to Bukes and his master handyman of a self!

4 panels hung. Working on putting everything together

Ahh! The great reveal . . .

I know you remember those ceiling puffs :)

To the right of the crib

To the left of the crib

Still trying to figure out a rug and potential chandelier. . .

And here is me - 9 months pregnant!

Went to the Dr. today for week 37 appointment! Everything looked fine - no progression on the baby's part! They have done a super job preparing me to expect either the due date or past it. I'm feeling like she will be late! We know for sure they will induce on the 14th if she has not come by then. So, this time next month? You guessed it! We'll have a baby girl in our arms!

Official Countdown
21 Days!
p.s. this countdown is to the due date: April 7th!


  1. So happy for you, her nursery is beautiful. I have some things of the girls, clothes, blankets, toys. Please let me know if I can bring you them I would love to!

  2. so perfect....all of excited!!

  3. It looks so great! What a sweet nook for the youngest granny to ever exist!!! LOVE YOU

  4. awe.. sweet little bootiful bukes will be resting in her nook so soon!!! love it sal.. looks so great, love it! wish i could sit and feel her practicing her flash mob skills in your belly!

  5. Oh Sally, everything is just perfect! It's so beautiful. You guys did a great job!

  6. girl! so creative! I love it! hope yall are doing well. thinking of you often

  7. Um so you are maybe the most gorgeous pregnant girl I have ever seen! The nook is adorable. (...oh, did you think I was kidding about catching up on your blog?)

  8. Sal! It looks soo amazing!! Its so perfect!!