Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2 weeks old!

We are already hitting milestones! cant believe it!
loving every second!

From yesterday before her bath . . . the hair's a little greasy :)
From last night while we were eating supper - such pals!

From Today after her birthday bath! Gotta love those bows!
Today I had my first outing alone - I went to get my haircut and loved it! I feel lighter and healthier and I made it through being away from my family :)
I also had the first opportunity to tell a stranger that I was a mom . . . and it was quite surreal - so many things that are so surreal!!!!
While I was gone Tay took her for her first walk. She did great! So did he :)

She's putting on the weight! changing right before our eyes into a little munchkin!


  1. love all of the pics you are posting sally! She is so stinkin cute! and so is little phelpsy.. what a great little keeper of his lil sister :)

  2. Thanks for the pics! You are such a great mama!

  3. That was one of my first outings, too- Dylan kicked me out of the house and made me get a haircut and it was amazing! I was like a whole new person. I think I fell asleep in the salon chair but I did not care. So glad you had some "you" time. : )