Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today we went to visit Uncle Buzz at Land of A Thousand Hills. He made us both a delicious cappuccino and a special Strawberry Tea. He took his lunch break to sit and chat with us. I don't know if I've told you, but Tay is taking this whole week off! So, what we do, he does! But we don't do all that he does :) He's been running and errand doing and cleaning and my little kitchenista (not really making meals, but doing all the duties that must be done in a kitchen).
She got dressed up (of course) for the outing in a sweet hand-me-down from Joby's friend.

We also had the chandelier installed today! It's tiny and sweet and perfect! I love it! Thank you Eesie for making this happen! Great thing is we can take it with us when we leave this place! The nursery is now complete! (I should have closed the closet door and taken the pic from a different angle, but was too tired to get up from where I was sitting! :)
She is 12 Days old today! Can't believe it! Already going by too fast! We love our little peanut and are having fun as a family this week!


  1. It's so amazing that Taylor can take this week off! Looks like you are soaking up every moment as you should be ;)

  2. cant wait to see that face in person. in a month. yeah i am getting married in a month. and that is when i will get to hold your baby... allllll weekend!