Sunday, April 17, 2011

Augusta Daye Stanfill

The legacy of her name:

Augusta - Stanfill side
Taylor's great great grandmother's name was Augusta as well as his great grandmother. His mom's middle name was Augusta (Claire Augusta Bates). His little cousin's name is Augusta Spessard.
Daye - Stephens side
My dad's parents lived in a garage apartment of Mr. and Mrs. Daye when they had their first daughter. They named their daughter (my aunt) Dorothy Daye. I was then named Sally Daye.

The million dollar question: What are we calling her?

Well, Tay is calling her Augusta. I am calling her Augusta Daye. However, during one of this early morning's feeding I was looking at her and thinking, "Calling you Daye sure is cute too!"
So, she's called a lot of different variations these days. . . I'm sure something will end up sticking with the both of us.
She is more often called, "Sweet Pea", "Snuggle Bunny", "Precious", "Baby girl" than her actual name. Because, look at her :) how can you not call her one of those!

Today we had an "outing" to CVS and the bank. We got her all dressed up
and strapped in the car seat
to ride around "town". We rode on the new streets around our house (major construction on Abernathy) and then came back home in time for lunch and a visit from Brooke :).
It's now relaxing time while we watch the Braves.
Life is good.


  1. I love family names with tradition and history and heritage behind them! (ps. I think Daye would be the cutest little name for a girl!)

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