Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feeding at 4 am

Up for a 4 am feeding :)
She's falling back asleep now so I wanted to share some SWEETNESS that amazing Hal did for us yesterday. She took some newborn pictures for us and Augusta Daye was filled with joy, smiling, eyes open, occasional poop explosions while she just so happened to be naked
(meaning not even a diaper!) and tears as the next feeding time approached. But, she did great and Hal was so patient and great with her!
Here is a sneak peak!

Today makes an official 1 week!!! Can't believe it! Trying to soak in every second


  1. Sal you look so great!!!! Cant wait to love on yall!

  2. Sally there is no way you had a baby a week ago!! You look great!

  3. Congratulations Stanfills! Augusta is beautiful! Sally you look AMAZING!!!!!

  4. i totally agree, you look amazing and she is so adorable :)

  5. Um WHAT you look incredible! You are the most adorable family ever. I want to snuggle your baby girl!