Sunday, April 10, 2011

We're home!

Well, if this hasn't just been the best! We are doing great and loving life as a family of 3! We came home Saturday around 3:30pm. I was a little nervous to leave the hospital since the constant availability of the nurses is so comforting, but, now that we are here, we are glad to be home. Poor Daddy (Tay) has literally just been moving around like a tornado taking care of everything while his wife remains somewhat of an invalid. He has been such a champ! He loves his girls :).
Mama (Alice) has also been tending to countless duties to try and allow tay the freedom to be with Augusta Daye and me. She's making delicious meals and cleaning up and of course offering her arms at any time to hold the baby girl :)

I know you probably really only want to see pics and not hear me ramble, but, this truly has been such an amazing experience! Thank you Jesus for how you have cared for us and allowed this whole process to go. I pray you receive Glory and Honor. This is your child, thank you for entrusting her to us. We adore her.

Coming Home outfit, Thank You Grannies!

First night sleeping at home, snug as a bug in a rug! She did so well (Mama and Daddy, too:)

First Bath at home in the PUJ tub - she hated it!

But Mama couldn't wait to put her in a hooded towel!

All clean with my new outfit from Sister and a bow in my hair!

And last, all swaddled up by her Daddy! She's a little burrito!


  1. Sally she is adorable!! can't wait to meet her! hope y'all are doing well :)

  2. I LOVE HER HAIR! Cant wait to skype with her. I think I will spend the time teaching her my name. Got to start early.

  3. Aww, Sally, Congrats!! she is so adorable and i love her name :) i am so excited for yall!

  4. That beautiful head of hair was made for bows!!! :) :) :)

  5. Wow. what a little bundle of joy! precious! thanks for sharing these sweet pics.

  6. Sally, she's so precious! So glad you're home...I know you're having so much fun! Can't wait to meet Augusta Daye! P.S. Anna Briggs says she's jealous of all that hair! haha