Thursday, May 19, 2011

Becca's Wedding Weeding

Heading to Edisto, SC for Becca's wedding!!! Sad to be missing Anthony's but so pumped to see my Grannies!!! and let them meet Miss Augusta Daye!!!! Don't worry - lots of pictures to come of her dressed in her sweet sweet dresses!

Also - I fell crazy more in love with Daye this week - it was amazing - the smiling and sweet noises and interacting she does with me is exhilarating, but when I saw her do it with Tay and I saw how it affected him, it set me over the moon!!!!!

It's official! THIS IS AWESOME and I love being a mom :)

(come on now, dont think this is weird just cause her mouth is open . . . :) she hasnt learned yet when im kissing her - she was just so excited i'd be loving on her that she let out a big coo:)

"I punch you in the jaw, mama!"

my little pal :)

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  1. sally! it made me weapy reading how the Lord has given you a new joy in mama-hood! It truly is the best thing EVER!!! praying for your wedding weekend and time with dear friends that get to meet your DAUGHTER (isn't that crazy?) for the first time! AND these pictures are so stinkin cute and Daye is growing and more alert and sweet and i can't wait to hear her coo's and see sweet smiles.
    ps.. did you cut your hair?! super cute :) gettin mine cut shorter today.. need a little change.
    love you! wish i was your neighbor :)