Monday, May 23, 2011

I am stealing all of Anna's blog because she got great pictures of the weekend! Yes, even made her captions my captions; only changing it to sound like I wrote them . . . this is such a cweepy move I'm not even going to tell her I'm doing it! :)

This weekend was Becca's wedding. It was a wonderful, wonderful weekend. So fun to celebrate the wedding of a sweet, dear friend and have other great friends there to see at the same time.

Becca had a wedding at Edisto. We all came into town Thursday afternoon. Becca's family had a get-together and dinner for everyone who was there Thursday. It was great to be reunited with our Grannie girls and to see all the other bridesmaids and family.

Hols, Beccs and Anna with baby Daye

Doing our classic "beat each other up" picture with Daye, but we were extra careful...

Loved seeing Hols be so tender and nurturing to my baby sweet

Bride with the baby

Friday morning, Becca's aunt hosted a Bridesmaid's Brunch. The food was delicious and we were lucky enough to get to be at the bride's table and get some special time with her. Becca gave us some gorgeous earrings and sweet grass baskets.

Becca and her mama

Grannies at brunch

Becca gave us all letters she had written. But, she had a ton of work to do and she left our letter to the very end. So, in this picture, Holland is posing with her card that just says, "bahhhahahaha"....we know she loves us dearly :)

Holland and me

Baby Daye dressed for the brunch...pretty in pink

Cweeps with the baby

Loved that when Daye lays down she stretches and kicks... she is so long...

We went out to the beach some for Friday afternoon, then got ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Sweet church where the wedding took place

with Anna and Holland

ADPi girls

I love this one of my sweet Grannies

Holla, great use of the pocket!

Model shot..

Handsome Ryan and Anna

Bride and Anna

The rehearsal dinner food was delicious. I loved hearing all the words that were said about Becca and Craig....The Lord's faithfulness was preached and the couple was celebrated for how they live out their faith in the lives of others.

Wedding day then was upon us. We hung out on the beach until we had to get ready at the Plantation. Becca was absolutely stunning in her gown and all the preparations turned out absolutely perfect. The church and wedding ceremony was so sweet, complete with a gospel chior praising the Lord during the service. The reception site was at a plantation on Edisto with a gorgeous tent beside a so beautiful...a true Southern wedding.

Daye wore this during Wedding prep

Holland with her flowers and a beer

Being cweeps...

Grannies got to hold her while I ate some this face!!

Bride with Daye

Grannies posing with our favorite baby - how awesome is Becca's dress?!

this was so funny because this was not a posed picture. Daye's passie fell out and she let out a little cry and this was all of our natural response...

Creeping with Daye

Aunt Holland with Daye

Love this backdrop...and this bride and groom

Becca and Craig so gorgeous!!

Cutting the cake...

Such a fun night of dancing and laughing and celebrating. It was perfect!! And now, Becca is married!!! So excited for you guys, Becca and Craig.... I love you both very much and look forward to years of friendship together!!

One last picture of the baby girl stretching . . . check out these sweet and precious socks!!!

I can't believe I didn't get one with both my parents who MADE this weekend happen by being the best Eesie and Bots EVER to take care of Daye while I did my wedding duties!!!! Here is one of Bots holding his grandbaby girl! THANK YOU MAMA AND DADDY!!!
Daye changed into her blue smocked dress for the evening. Had to wear her smocking at this low country Charleston event!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I know Becca, we went on a YL trip with her family once. Small world!