Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last Weekend

Look at this little peanut!

So, I'm very ashamed for my lack of documenting the weekend in photos :( However, I just told one of my friends, "the constant thing: trying to find balance :) balance between everything! the marriage and parenting seminar we went to 2 weekends ago were really great at "letting me off the hook" of trying to have everything together - so, im embracing the fact that my house is a wreck and i am not cooking like i used to and im having to take one day at a time to develop our new life. Trying to make sure we focus on the things that really matter, rather than getting bogged down with the things that do not get accomplished. :)"
So, here are the photos I did take this weekend while we: Went to Greenville Friday night-Saturday morning to break up the trip. We stayed with Ryan and Anna for a quick visit (she looks petrified! Promise she loves you Uncle Ryan!)

Saturday we headed to Becca and Craig's for another quick visit. They were the best and kept Daye for us while we went to Katie Brown's wedding. You can check out Daye's time with the Jones' here.

We had a great time at the wedding. So proud of Katiegirl and it was such a testament to how people have loved and cared for her over the years - lots of tender tears. (REALLY wish I had a pic of her/her w us because she was BEAUTIFUL!)

Sunday we made the long drive home (only long because we now have to make extra long stops to feed Daye along the way).
Our stop in Aiken for Pizza in the precious town. She had a record time eating! amazing! however, she looks worn out and sad from it here :) look at that hair!
soooo happy to be back in the car (yeah right! she only screamed for the last hour and 1/2 :) for the rest of the drive home


  1. love it. precious precious girl and sweet mama for sure :)

    One thing that a friend recently pointed out to me is the difference between balance and rhythm. Balance is that beautiful thing that maintains a consistency. Rhythm is the ebb and flow of things that come into and out of life like the tide. Two really good things. What's hard is identifying what should be in balance and what should be a rhythm and then accepting them and planning accordingly.... I obviously have not figured that one out yet... But it's a journey and a process. The best part is that both balance and rhythm are good things. For the record, (from the outside looking in) you seem to handling motherhood swimmingly xoxo

  2. This is Tay...I love you and I love our little Peanut. We are bonding more and more each day and it's amazing. Finding balance and not feeling guilty is huge. I am so proud of my wife and the mom that she is! It's incredible to watch and I am so blessed.