Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July!

just chillin in the bumbo

We got together with John and Aimee Flores last week. They had beautiful Britain 1 week before Daye (who looks like an old man on the couch)

and here is a shot from when Daye spotted a human with 5 heads

Catie and David got to meet her for a quick visit on Saturday as they were making their way back to the east coast!!

She sure does love her Daddy . . . and boy is he smittin with her!

She LOVES to watch The Braves!

And finally, our new favorite throw pillow!


  1. No! she is not big enough to sit in the bumbo and hold her head up is she?! i mean i know she is getting older, but ah, times flies so fast! i just cant believe she is already doing big girl things sally! (i mean big "baby" girl things :)) but seriously do they not just change so so fast? I love her big surprised "I just saw 5 heads" eyes that she gives :) she is the cutest... wish i could snuggle her so bad!

  2. Ahhh I love the five heads face! And WHAT? Newborn babies can't sit in Bumbo seats. Where did you get a baby that can do that??