Thursday, July 28, 2011

3 months and then some

It is a bit confusing to calculate how old Baby Daye is. She's technically 16 weeks today!!! Which you would think equals 4 months, but she's not actually 4 months until August 7th, so, we'll just say she's 3 months and a little extra :)

I forgot to take a picture of her next to her Girry at her official 3 months, so here's one from yesterday! :) She looks like a Giant!
She thought it was so funny!
And here are a few from my phone that were too cute not to post!

At the beach
In her chair with her large bib on that makes me think of a frilled necked lizard every time . . . I know I know, that's terrible because the frilled necked lizard is rather frightening


Sweet face still possessing blue eyes


  1. Oh my oh my she is even cuter than before. And so stylish with her shoes!!

  2. Ohh Sally, she's just adorable! I can't wait to see her again! She has to meet Anna Briggs! Miss y'all!

  3. She is delightful, so full of joy! So happy for you all Sally!!! 3 months and then some looks good on the girly. Just like motherhood looks good on you. Have a great weekend Stanfill Fam!

  4. Hi Again,

    You are so so welcome! When you are connected to someone it is important to share that support. I really enjoy reading your blog as well! If you have written a couple and I've been slacking it helps me. I find myself slowly leaving the Facebook world and only communicating through blogs. Haha! The Hawaiian lifestyle is going good for us, I am adjusting slower than I planned but that's my problem. I plan too much.

    On another note as well: I have been re-decorating seeing we have a new house and all and I saw this room and thought of you! Hope you enjoy. : )