Monday, August 1, 2011

Favorite things to do with Daye

A friend just recently asked me what my favorite things to do with Daye are . . . it was a great exercise for me to write it all down. It led me to share a little more how things are going now:

Things with Daye are great - they really really are. I'm so so thankful! These last 2 months have been soooo different than the first 2. And it really hasn't been until I've had a chance to look back on them to realize now that those first 2 were just so overwhelming and so so so new - they were hard! (Not that "hard" is bad!!!!) But these last two have been so enjoyable and so fun and our new life as a family is just becoming more and more natural - its such a blessing!

She seems to be a dear little soul :) Her temperment seems peaceful and content (until you make her wait too long to eat or if she's been in the car seat for 11 hours, but, that seems normal for any of us :)

She smiles a LOT and is curious. She holds on when you hold her but LOVES to look around and know what's going on around her. She has recently started playing with toys and her feet! It's precious - she's discovered her hands and that she has control over them.

She did SOOOOO good at the beach with the fam - seriously, it was so much easier than I had expected it to be -which was such a nice blessing! Maybe because she's an easy baby, maybe because we'd moved into the stage of more confidence, maybe because we are feeling more comfortable being her parents, maybe because we know her better which helped us to handle things with a lot more ease than in the beginning, or maybe because we stay in a house right on the beach and we never really leave the house (all meals are there, so there's no eating out or shopping or packing up 3 times a day - just beach and beach and beach :). . . so, we were really thankful - note to self - 3 1/2 months is a good age to take a child to the beach :)

Our favorite things to do together are:
go on walks
go to target
read books
take a bath
sing (I'm actually more of a hummer, Tay sings to her and I'm sure she prefers words over "hmm hmmm hmmm hmmmmmmmm". For some reason the same song ALWAYS comes to mind first when I'm humming: "I love you Lord, and I lift my voice, to worship you, Oh my soul, rejoice. Take Joy my King, in what you hear. May it be a sweet sweet sound in your ear". However, I just realized I do sing when I give her a bath: "Wash wash wash your toes, wash your toes, wash your toes, wash wash wash your toes to get them clean! Wash wash wash your ears wash your ears . . . etc!")

AND we've rounded a HUGE corner in nursing - another thing I didn't realize was actually as difficult as it was in the beginning. So, very very thankful for that! I'm actually enjoying nursing in a whole new way now!!!! Note to self - stick it out those first 3 months! It just takes a while to get the hang of it!

Also - just found out a few friends are pregnant!!!!!!! SUPER excited about that! I have started making a list of my favorite things to pass on!

(Photos courtesy of the famous Hal on an afternoon lunch break)


  1. this post is so sweet! i love seeing pics of you guys y'all are so adorable! You should do a post on baby essentials! we registered the other day it was pretty comical considering we had NO IDEA what to register for! Hope we see y'all soon!

  2. Loved this post, you are such a wonderful mom- it's beautiful! Gorgeous pictures of you both too :)

  3. oh my heavens, sal - that first photo of baby daye is probably my favorite of all time - at least all of her lifetime so far - so precious and grateful to have you as my momma friend to lead the way!

  4. OH MY GOSH, her smiling with her eyes closed... Cutest!!! I love that you wrote out two plus lines of your " Bath Song" You are awesome. I'm glad to hear nursing is going better for you, it is crazy hard those first months! Good for you!!!