Monday, July 11, 2011

Alla came to town!

My cousin Alexandra came to town last week. We call her "Alla". She was volunteering at Bright Futures during the day but came to see us on Tuesday night and met Daye for the first time!
She spent each night with a different cousin and then we had a girls day Friday and Saturday. Aunt Peggy gave her The Swan House (by my favorite featured author) and so we thought we should definitely take her to The Swan House and The Swan Coach house so she could picture what she was reading. I think she had a great time!

Then Eesie and Bots came for a quick visit. They immediately jumped on the floor and I believe didn't even acknowledge that Taylor and I were in the room until about 15 minutes later . . . they LOVE being grandparents!

Some of you may have alreday seen this on Twitter, but couldn't resist a blog pic of "Just chillin with Dad!"

And watching the Braves!

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  1. Oh my gosh I that sweet baby. Looking forward to a possible lunch date on your way through? I will do my best to acknowledge you and tay, but like Eesie and Bots cant make any promises!