Thursday, July 7, 2011

Elizabeth Musser

My favorite author, Elizabeth Musser, came to town recently and I got to meet her!

She writes Christian Fiction maybe you've heard of or read The Swan House?
She's also written The Dwelling Place, Searching for Eternity, Two Crosses, Two Testaments, Two Destinies, Words Unspoken and her most recent (pictured above) The Sweetest Thing.

Reasons I call her my favorite author:
- Her stories have eternal purpose
- I typically can get hooked from page 1.
- She grew up in Atlanta (went to Westminster), went to Vanderbilt and now lives in France as a missionary.
- Due to the above, her stories take place in Atlanta, Nashville and France and I love personally knowing the setting (at least Atlanta's references)
- Her parents are good friends with my grandparents
- She went to Westminster and Vanderbilt with my mother-in-law, Claire
- One of her dearest friends, Laura McDaniel, is my Aunt Peggy's dear friend
- Due to the 3 previous bullets: I falsely feel like I personally know her :)
- I wrote her a letter about 2 years ago telling her how I loved her writing and she hand wrote me a letter in return from France!

So, although those may be childish reasons to love an author - I do!

And I highly recommend you pick up one of her books - I have no doubt you will love it/them!

I think my favorite is still The Swan House (A story of grief accompanied by an unlikely friendship). But I truly do love all of them! My other favorites being the trilogy (Two Crosses, Two Testaments, Two Destinies - all taken place in France during the Algerian War - so there is a good bit of history about a time in which I knew basically nothing about) and Words Unspoken (takes place in Chatanooga and Atlanta and deals with the voices we all seem to battle with in our heads) and The Sweetest Thing (A story of friendship through tragedy).Italic

Meeting her was the highlight of my week - I so looked forward to it and have thought back on it many times. It was a great "me time" thing to do!

I was however so excited to come home to these two!

and bukes of course! :)


  1. Oh how fun! I LOVE The Swan House!

  2. I love her! I remember meeting her years and years ago when she came and spoke at my parents' church... I was probably in middle school. I was so excited that got my book signed by her. : ) Very cool!

  3. Sally, that is awesome!!! So excited for you! I'm glad to read you are sending "me time." Keeping mommy balanced and san keeps everyone balanced and sane! : ) By the way, I feel those are legit reasons to love an author.