Thursday, August 25, 2011

dont really have a title for this post

I'm feeling a little poetic this morning. . .

Today marks morning number 3
where the sun dances differently through the trees
It's contrasting from the months before
as it casts it's shadows across my floor

Just a stanza to mark the glimpse of Fall approaching :)

Check out my jean skirt and tenny's

SOOOOOOOOOOO excited about wearing this shirt to remind you to buy one to help send Daddy to Kenya!


Even though I was more than 4 months in this picture Mama said, better late than never!

Look I can touch my toes

Did I mention my Daddy is going to Africa? :)


  1. I need to e-mail you!! But Daye is SO CUTE!!!

  2. The dog picture is funny, as are the pictures with the Africa shirts and the picture with the toe-touching.