Friday, August 19, 2011


(back story of the title: Freshman year of college Holla and I named ourselves the HollaSallaHarmonizas because "Holla" and "Salla" would "harmonize" so beautifully together when we sang. Well, it wasn't exactly beautiful or exhibiting any kind of talent, but it sure was a funny thing we did that caused a great amount of laughter between us :)

Holla came to eat with us on Friday night! It was just wonderful - so crazy that we only live about 45 minutes away. So thankful for her effort to make the drive. Daye was thrilled!

We cooked together. For a great life bonding experience don't have the supper ready when the pal walks in the door . . . let her join you in the kitchen! (source of idea: Holsie!)
We made a SUPER delicious linguini pasta and Roquefort Pear salad. We sat outside on the back porch - wish i would have taken some pics out there - perfect summer night!

Woke up Saturday morning and Baby Daye had a runny nose! Her first one. Poor thing, sniffling and sneezing and making some SERIOUS snot bubbles (aka HILARIOUS and awful because Tay and I laugh when she does them!) Then, Sunday morning I felt a TOOF! Her first one! Wondering if the runny nose had/has something to do with it trying to break through? You can barely see it, but you can for sure feel it! I can't believe it - baby girl getting her first tooth . . . going by TOO fast!
hahahaha, hilarious picture of how she looks these days while she can't breath and as she runs her tongue across her surfacing toof

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  1. Yay for great friends, great meals on a great evening and great beginnings for Daye. All babes react differently but Quin gets a runny nose for every tooth she starts. It gets crazy when you have multiple teeth coming in! The picture is so funny.