Monday, August 1, 2011

Girls weekend!

This last weekend we had a family girls weekend in Greenwood (where sifter lives) because all hubbies were out of town. Yes, we did just spend a whole week at the beach together, but, we thought it necessary and ideal to hang out again this weekend! :)

We shopped (mostly just browsed) and ate and talked and went to church, but the BEST part of the weekend was when we went to Jumping Jax - an indoor inflatable birthday party venue for children - only the 5 of us had more fun than any kid in that place! We are all rug burned up from an amazing hour racing and jumping and sliding and jousting!
A few pictures to prove it:

showing our battle wounds

Hands and Beau going down the awesome slide

Mama, "whooaa!"

Sifter - look at that form!


Hands - looking a little uneasy


Jousting - Sifter dominated all of us until . . .

. . . Mama got a hold of her - look at the aggression on her face - shheeeeesh!!

The race is on!

I won this one!

Peggy and Mama - hilarious!

The girls are thinking, "wow, this is boring. . ."

and our favorite of the day. Peggy went AIRBORNE soaring over the edge AND OVER A CHILD. . . when she did the slide the 2nd time (pictured here) we made sure no innocent children were in harms way. A father did walk by and pointed towards Peggy saying, "they're so fun at that age." ha!!


  1. i love this so so much so that i had to click on it from my google reader JUST so i could comment on it. Sooo glad you had a wonderful time with the fam!

  2. I love this!!! You have such a fun family! Baby Daye is lucky to grow up with such great women.