Friday, August 19, 2011

Jail Break!

"I'm stuck, Mama!!!!! Let me out of here!"

The other night we walked over to The Doster's House. Trip is the Area Director for Young Life in Alpharetta and Rebecca may be one of the sweetest hearts around and Brooks - well with parents like that, how could he not be awesome?!
He and baby Daye were thrilled to see each other! Born just 7 weeks apart and living two streets over, they are destined to be pals (and Brooks already was making a move to see if she'd be his girlfriend?:)

Brooks: "Hey Girl! Wassup? Give me 5, eh?"
baby Daye: "Uh, Daddy, what's he doing?"

Brooks: "Maybe I could just put my arm around you?"
baby Daye: "I'm not so sure about this. . . "

Brooks: "Eh, not as great as I thought it'd be . . . BORING!"
baby Daye: "Hey, it's not boring! It's great!"


  1. That pictures in the crib is hilarious! Love that we both posted about their "date". So cute!

  2. ok.. i LOVE her Sally!!! (that is kind of in a whiny voice because i want so badly to be close so that i can watch her grow.. but thankful for your blog so i can see pictures :) )she is so cute- lil button nose and painted toes!