Saturday, September 10, 2011

5 months and Tay's birthday!

Holy Cow! I cannot believe it! 5 months old?
I was just reading about the first year and next month she will be considered an "older baby" because she will be closer to 1 year old than a newborn - sheesh! Is this flying by or what?! Too fast for my comfort. She is quite the smiler and giggler (although her giggles don't always make noise).  This age is delightful! I love it! She has 2 teeth popping through her bottom gum and I am wondering if she is going through a growth spurt due to her much longer napping and occasional waking up in middle of the night to feed?

The emotion of feeling "in love" has come at a rate we were unaware was possible. If you recall what I described here when my mom said, "I forgot", I can now understand how she forgot.
Because the way we feel about Daye (and the excitement we can now see that we will have about our next child) is pretty remarkable compared to those first two months of bewilderment at this new phase of life.
So, reminder: if you are expecting your first child or if you've just had your first child - IT IS A BLESSING and it GETS BETTER WITH EACH DAY THAT PASSES. Just hang in there, and forge through. It was comforting to read this one morning this week:
"Between recovering from the demanding physical biathlon of labor and childbirth, caring for a newborn who hasn't yet figured out the difference between day and night, and adjusting to the round-the-clock responsibilities of parenthood, virtually all new mothers feel like walking (and diaper-changing and breastfeeding) zombies at first. But while the postpartum recovery period is officially over at 6 weeks (yeah right!?), feelings of exhaustion don't usually end with it. Rare is the woman who escapes continued paternal fatigue syndrome during the first year. And it's not surprising. . . For the first-time parent, there's also the stress inherent in any new job: mistakes to be made, problems to solve, a lot to learn. Once the fog of the first 6 weeks postpartum have lifted and the aches and pains of delivery have (mostly) faded, you'll probably begin to feel vaguely human again. You may even begin to feel as though you're falling into a rhythm with your baby (albeit an exhausting rhythm) and that the routines you struggled with before now come to both of you almost easily. Still, once you've started getting the hang of this parenting thing, many challenges still await you in the first year of your baby's life: from finding time for your spouse to finding time for your self, from reentering the workplace to reestablishing friendships, from working on that balancing act they call parenthood to recognizing that even professional jugglers drop a few balls from time to time. And just when you're starting to wonder whether your life will ever be the same as it was pre-baby, you may be surprised to suddenly realize that you're really glad it isn't!"

That pretty much sums up a lot of what's been rolling through my head throughout this journey :)

In other news: We had a birthday dinner for Tay last night. It was the PERFECT evening to sit outside and enjoy this amazing weather!

BG, Tay and Daye (by the way, "BG" stands for "Beautiful Grandmother" :) The grandkids have always called her BG and I love it!)

Daye, Birdie, Norah and Isaac

Tay got a new headlamp (the one on Isaac's head) for his birthday to replace the monster (on Tay's head) he used to wear for his early morning runs. They had an exploring adventure last night with them

We went to The Old Hickory House this morning. We had to whip out the tutu for Daddy's birthday!

And, during one of Daye's naps this week I was doing laundry and when I rounded the corner I found Phelpsy like this . . . He likes to snuggle with little lovey's too :) sweet little buddy!

And, look what we discovered this morning! A little SCOOTER! (sorry for the bad quality)


  1. I have been meaning to tell you I love the new template! I had been wanting something cleaner too. It really makes me focus more on your pictures and posts.

    Great quote, so so true! And what we experienced is by the time everything feels comfortable and everyone is getting good sleep you are crazy enough to start all over again!

    ... BG, can we all be called that? Adorable!

  2. oh my goodness sal - that little scooter just melts my heart!

  3. Matt Quinn, checking in. Good to see she's mobile.