Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Last weekend we went to Chattanooga to visit Robby and Alaina. It was a BLAST! They live in the most awesome house! Robby is a handy-man and Alaina is a serious Recycler of Interiors, aka, coolest creative decorator - they can truly take all the credit for it's awesomeness. 
We enjoyed being with them so much! Tay and Robby mountain biked Saturday morning while Alaina, Daye and I lounged around the cabin and went for a leisurely stroll with the pups. Then we went to downtown to enjoy the park down by the river (Daye's first experience with grass =she hated it!), ride a merry-go-round, eat delicious pizza and ice cream and walk to a local market. Perfect day to be outside! Then we came back and watched football and made our OWN sushi! It was so fun and so tasty! We will for sure be replicating that evening in our home many nights to come!

I did a terrible job of documenting the weekend with photos but managed to do a scramble as we were literally walking out the door to make sure we captured the fact that we were there!

Well, I did have Tay take this one Saturday when rode the Merry Go Round. Daye really did LOVE it! It was great fun - and only $1! :)

"Ey Ma! Lookey here - I've got Alaina's chin!"

"Oooh Uncle Robby - you make me laugh so hard I have to close my eyes!"

Their awesome log cabin!

"Eh, you guys keep snapping these photos I can only manage a side swipe smile for this one"

"Daddy and Uncle Robby"

"Well Whadaya know - Daddy's wearing that shirt AGAIN! It must be a really great shirt!"


  1. haha! that last picture makes me laugh :) we had so much fun with y'all!! Please come visit again!

  2. Hahaha! I love how THAT SHIRT keeps popping up! Now worries on the grass thing, she'll grow out of it. Most babies hate it!