Friday, September 30, 2011

Lunch with Daddy

Thursday we went to visit Tay at work for lunch! We sat outside and it was glorious! 
Aunt Heather stopped by at the end for a quick visit. Unfortunately for her, Daye had just finished a poop explosion that was escaping the diaper. So, Aunt Heather made the wise choice to wait to hold her until a time when she wasn't wearing her professional attire. Sorry Aunt Heath!
But, we did make a quick trip up to visit a few folks on Daddy's floor. She was in a super mood and, I must say, her Daddy was EXTREMELY proud to show her off :) He even put her down on the rug in the receptionist area to show everyone how she is scooting across the floor so fast . . . hehehehehe! He was VERY proud :). And I loved watching it from the back of the room!

You would guess she's fondly gazing up at her daddy . . .

But, in reality she was saying "Give me that apple!"

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  1. I lOVE lunches with the babes. I'm glad you were able to take some pictures of them, so cute!