Thursday, September 29, 2011

week 5

usually when I post anything having to do with tracking time it is in regard to the growth of baby Daye . . . but this "Week 5" is referencing to my training for the Thanksgiving Half Marathon!

I can't believe I am about to say this but I have actually begun to enjoy these runs. 

Now, I don't necessarily look forward to them. Before each run I could have any of thoughts:
- "I'd really much rather be drinking my coffee in my PJ's while Daye falls back asleep."
- "I could go later, but it's always so hard to go later. Then it will be hanging over my head all day."
- "Why am I doing this again?"
- "Walking was so nice and it's great exercise, why am I choosing to run rather than walk? I miss walking."
- "I hate these hills and no matter which way I end my run I will have to end running up hill."

But, there are many other reasons why ONCE I'VE COMPLETED the runs I can categorize it as enjoyment :) :
- It doesn't take as long to complete run as it would walking. (well, technically that's not entirely true - because a. I run so slow that it may not even be considered a jog. and b. now that the distance is increasing considerably, it is taking much longer, but, we'll just stick with the fact that my old walking route takes a shorter amount of time when I run it rather than walk it :).
- When I go with someone it goes by TREMENDOUSLY faster
- When I go by myself I can listen to good music (if I start out with a fast song, I feel like I run with power!)
- It gets Daye out an about in the beautiful creation (and human handiwork of asphalt and cement :)
- The weather is much more delightful these days (I really wasn't enjoying the runs in 90 degree weather while gasping for air)
- I am sore - which strangely is a good feeling :)
- I am working towards something - a goal (and I may have just walked into Marshalls the other day to check out some cute shoes I could potentially look forward to getting as an "I ran a half-marathon" treat. . . as if the whole accomplishment of completing it isn't enough!?!? :)
- I am not keeping track of time as I run, I am simply running to finish and there is freedom in that!
_ I am earning my Thanksgiving Turkey. 
_ I am joining Tay in one of his passions, I'm thankful he's invited me in. (He is VERY patient with me and my lack of speed. I mean seriously, it looks like he is hopping along kicking his knees so high when he runs with me, trying to stay back at my pace.)

But in all seriousness. . . (like this needs to be a serious post?) Last week was my longest distance yet. I ran it with Steph, Tay and Baby Daye and I actually enjoyed it WHILE I was running. Didn't know that was possible! And, I felt those endorphins releasing after I completed it in a natural energizing sort of way - it was awesome! 

So, here's to running and a completely random blog post! :)


  1. i love it salla, so proud of you!

  2. Yeah girl! i'm so impressed, you make me wanna run! maybe after i push this baby out... :)

  3. So impressed! I wish I enjoyed it more, maybe if I ran with you I would enjoy it more. hmm...

  4. You are awesome! I feel the same way about doing ANY exercise with Richard. I love that you've gotten to the point where you can enjoy before, during and after. What a special thing to show Daye that her parents do together.