Monday, October 10, 2011

Dedication and 6 months

Daye was dedicated at church yesterday. It was a meaningful experience preparing for this time. We had to listen to these talks below and do the homework discussed in each. It may sound annoying to have to listen to more talks and do "homework", but they were really great exercises that led to really great conversations between Tay and me. I'm actually incredibly thankful for what was "taught" in the talks and what was "required" of us as a result. If you don't want to listen or do them, here's a breakdown:

You are your child's greatest guide in understanding to what it means to have a relationship with Jesus.
HW: Write a letter to your child. Only you as their parent can write a letter of this significance. Share your heart of your dreams and hopes for them. 

You marriage will lead to your child's emotional health and confidence in life. 

When your children walk out the door to face their futures as adults, what are the values you will have instilled in them?
HW: Come up with at least five values that you want to instill in your child as they grow and two habits that you, as parents, will commit to implement in your family or marriage to protect your child's spiritual development

The Preeschool years are a unique opportunity for intentional love and attention. Intentionality now paves the way for later. 

"Even though I pooped all over my bloomers in Waumba Land and Mama had to stash those disgusting smelly things away in her bag, I still looked precious in my dress for the dedication."

"It's my Mama and Daddy! Not often that I get to have a picture with both of them because they're always the ones blinding me with that ridiculous camera flash"

"This was my picture up on the screen scrolling before and after the dedication."

"Poppy, Birdie, Eecie and Bots who will walk alongside my parents as they make every effort to raise me in a home that loves Jesus. They want me to know that: 
God made me, 
God loves me and 
Jesus wants to be my friend forever."

And, today, we showcase the 6 month shots - no shower or real clothes for these - just bed head and pjs! 


"This is my pal, Girry, whom I'm starting to look like a giant next to."


  1. oh my gosh I can not believe how big she is. I can't wait to see her! Love yall!

  2. precious! What a special day! Daye sure is lucky to have such wonderful parents who love Jesus!

  3. You guys are awesome!!!!!! Daye is blessed beyond measure for her family! I'm so happy for all of you!

    I love your humor- Hiya!

  4. Laurin & Anna BriggsOctober 11, 2011 at 11:09 AM

    Aww what a special day and beautiful family! Love y'all!

  5. my goodness sal she has the most precious little smile!